We specialise in organisation, transportation and offering comprehensive services for: heavy transportation as well as oversize load and special load transport.

Oversize load transport services rendered by our company include obtaining required permits, pilot car services as well as cargo handling.

Additionally, we ensure:

  •     cargo insurance,
  •     coverage of toll payments related to ordered transportation service.

We specialise in transportation of cargo from European Union states to Ukraine.

At this point, there are almost 50 employees on our company's payroll. They make a well-integrated and qualified team, most of them are professional drivers with relevant licenses, which guarantees the delivery of loads to the right destination within the required time-frame. More than ten years of experience as well as the commitment and flexibility of our team, combined with highly diversified fleet of specialised equipment, guarantee an individual approach to our customers and their transportation needs.

Our business partners include various domestic and foreign manufacturing entities as well as shipping and transportation companies. The group of our satisfied customers is ever growing.

The list of countries, where we offer our services on regular basis:

  •     Germany /DE/
  •     The Netherlands /NL/
  •     Belgium /BE/
  •     Luxembourg /LU/

  •     Denmark /DK/
  •     Sweden /SE/
  •     Norway /NO/
  •     Finnland /FI/

  •     Switzerland /CH/
  •     Austria /AT/
  •     The Czech Republic /CZ/
  •     Slovakia /SK/
  •     Hungary /HU/

  •     Lithuania /LT/
  •     Latvia /LV/
  •     Estonia /EE/

  •     Ukraine /UA/
  •     Great Britain /GB/

  •     Slovenia /SLO/
  •     Croatia /HR/
  •     Serbia /RS/
  •     Romania /RO/
  •     Bulgaria /BL/

Throughout the last 20 years, we have also transported loads to other European states, yet these were one-off projects.

At our headquarters, we use Manitou fork lift trucks, side lift trucks as well as telehandlers. The range of our cargo handling services is complemented by a paved cargo handling yard with an overhead crane (already purchased and to be erected shortly). We are also ready to provide cargo storage services using free space available at our cargo handling yard. The whole yard is CCTV monitored and guarded by a security guard 24/7.

Our fleet includes BF-2 and BF-3 pilot cars.


We cooperate closely with companies which help us obtain relevant transportation permits for all EU states and Ukraine. This also applies to additional pilot cars, route inspection or disassembly or road signs and street lighting.

As far as transport to Scandinavian countries is concerned, we have engaged in cooperation with a ferry operator as well as the Norwegian customs agency.

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