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Our company has 40 Mercedes Actros MP3 and MP4 tractor units (2- and 3-axle) compliant with EURO5 and EURO6 European emission standards. They are in perfect technical condition due to our professional, in-house team of mechanics, regular inspections carried out at the diagnostic centres as well as Mercedes-Benz licensed service stations.

Each tractor unit is equipped with a GPS transmitter, which allows us to track, in real time, its current location. We can quickly react to traffic jams and other unforeseen events along the planned route to minimise the risk inherent to our line of business.

Each trailer features stakes, a front wall, antislip mats, chains and belts for securing the load, wooden supports, corner covers, tarpaulin covers and warning signs with end-outline marker lights (adjustable for extra wide loads). Some of the trailers (mainly the specialised ones) feature steering axles and ramps.
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